Greetings, Reader

George Carlin has a great book named Brain Droppings. That is where Drew Droppings came from. This space will be for my Drew Droppings. For those bits of information that drip from my head. I have no precise aim for this blog other than random entertainment, perhaps. I’m a philosophizer, over-analyzer, walking-contradiction, and many more descriptions. This ought to be fun for you and me.

If you don’t know George Carlin, it’s never too late to be acquainted. George, meet Reader. Reader, meet George: Brain Droppings read by George Carlin.

I’ve been weary of starting a blog. I have had thoughts such as I need a niche, it needs to be interesting, etc. I’ve realized it is better to not worry about it and risk having a friend tell me it is unbearable. Rejection builds character. Nietzsche said that after giving Hitler a high-five. Both were rumored to have had syphilis, but who knows? The internet is like being in an Orwellian dream of reality, or otherwise. 

I’m traveling through South America at the moment. I’ve been gone for four months. One day I will return to the US of A; if I can make it back before Trump bans all US citizens that are traveling in countries with brown people.

I think this has been a great start. What do you think? I’m in dire need of reassurance in life. 

I’m going to eat coconut curry lentils. It’s fantastic. I cannot get enough curry in my life. A friend nicknamed me Curry Baba, The Curry Saint. When I go to India, I hope to be called by this name. Reader, have you had curry peanut butter before? I hope you have. I hope you have. 

Okay, I’m really going to eat now. I feel like I’m being one of those people on the phone that say bye but then start a new conversation that you sigh at and barely listen while you clip your toenails and repeatedly say, “Un-huh.”

Ciao for now, Reader.