Debora Döhrbeck

Meet Debora:

Who is this girl? Why should you know her? What is special about her that she requires her own post?

I will do my best to answer these questions. 

Debora is from Switzerland. Famous for army knives, skiing, and cheese. Often confused with Sweden (known for IKEA, Vikings, and meatballs).

She does not speak Switzerish because that is not a language. She speaks Swiss German, German, French, English, and un poco Español. 

I met her August 11, 2015 at a music and art festival in Budapest. We had a few conversations and found we have many things we have in common: traveling, Couchsurfing, sustainability, minimalism, a passion for hummus, etc. 

The standout moment of the week for me was seeing her eating black beans out of a can for breakfast. It was love at fourth (or fifth) sight. 

Skipping ahead to now, she is my girlfriend. 

I often dislike labels; they tend to complicate things. With Debora, nothing has changed (for the worse). We continue to grow closer together and thrive as a team. 

How I feel about her is ineffable. Despite this contradicting effort where I will attempt to paint a picture in your mind of how much and why I adore her. 

Debora is caring. She cares about people, animals, the environment, and everything in between. She is as sustainable as possible. She’s vegan (A Swiss gal that doesn’t eat cheese?!) because eating plant-based is better for the environment. She does not like to fly in planes because of the fuel. She even gave me a metal straw because I used to use plastic straws. 

When she sees animals, she does this

She makes delicious food with cute, heart decorations

She makes stick-figure people out of grass and daisies


She’s a beautiful person on the outside and she is gorgeous on the inside.

The best part about our relationship is our communication. Our non-verbal communication is great. We also talk out the dynamics of our relationship. We have plenty of miscommunication but communication is still our strong point. We discuss little issues before they turn into big issues. We embrace talking about our faults which helps us work on any issues we have. 

She writes her own blog about traveling, minimalism, recipes, and a lot more. She’s more interesting than I can do justice. If you’re interested in knowing more about her or reading an interesting blog, hop over there for a moment. 

Home is wherever I’m with Debora. We are traveling through South America together right now and I could not ask for a better person to spend each day with while exploring this continent.

I love you, Debora Döhrbeck. I love when you know what I’m thinking. I love when you suddenly stop to play with each animal we encounter. Selfishly, I love when you massage my back. Thank you for sharing your mind and time with me. 

Happy birthday. I hope to spend many more with you and celebrate in traditional Swiss style, with Dominic Deville, the evil birthday clown 😘:

Hiking the Quilotoa Loop in Ecuador